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Ivan's Templum fractal. What to say about it. Well, for one, this is probably the longest I've stared at one single piece of art, anywh...

hi GlazeAnna. You know, I'd never really looked through yr art, cause -yeah, I'm one of those ppl who couldn't look past the at first s...

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sorry it's long, cause here's 3 critiques in 1 post. Can not pull these apart. For one can never exist without the other.. ) hi Kat you...


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Thu Nov 14, 2013, 6:34 PM
Hello world !
Sat Mar 30, 2013, 7:04 AM
Iz yuh still ther er wut???
Sun Mar 24, 2013, 3:26 AM
Been Stripper fishin the CCBT hookin 40 pounders... 16 sofar this month, iz veri goot
Wed Dec 5, 2012, 5:13 PM
Going to Hatteras Island Sunday foa week surf an fish sum I will
Fri Aug 24, 2012, 1:07 PM
1. The colours you're NOT working with have NO place on your table.  Put them away, or you may grab a wrong colour.

2. Always test your colours on a little piece of paper before using them on your board.

3. With complicated colour schemes, do yourself a big favour and write down your numbers (or colour names) on a little piece of scrap paper.

4. Never start a complicated movement or colouring job when you can't finish it (like just before going to bed or leaving for work).

5. Try to make your movements over the board , or paper, in one sitting.  If you stop and come back the next day, either you will hold your pen in a different manner, or your movements will not have the necessary fluent strokes.

6. Do NOT make any big decisions about which way your drawing will go, just before going to bed. Sleep on it, and make those decisions with a fresh head, and teh actual time to apply what you're seeing.

7. Don't make a trial movement on your original work. Use scrap paper. Test it, the movement, or your colour scheme, before applying it for real.

8.  Once your put your pen, or marker, on paper and make an actual stroke, you're engaged.  You will have to finish what you started.

9. Do not EVER eat chocolat or licorice over your work. Or candy. Or anything. You may drool.  Plus your hands get dirty.

10. NO coffee or other drinks even remotely close to your work.

11.  After doing the dishes, make sure your sleeves are DRY before heading back to work. You WILL smudge your work.

12. After eating, go wash your hands. Anything coloured, or sticky, WILL smudge your work.

13. If you have a dog that likes jumping up to you, always check if you're alone.  If not, lift your pen slightly OFF the board, so you can't
accidentally put a mark where it doesn't belong.

14. If you're heavily relying on one particular colour in your work, make sure you have an extra marker. You do NOT want to run out with not a way in days to obtain a replacement.

15. If you're not sure your marker will last, and you have for instance 24 circles that need colouring, do not start at nr 1, then 2, then 3.  Instead, try to divide your work.  Skip one.  Or do three, then skip three.  Or do four, then skip four.  That way, your work will always end up even, and you could use another colour in what you skipped. Your work will still be balanced out, no matter what colour you use.

16.  A mistake is annoying, but it is NOT the end of the world, NOR the end of your artwork. A mistake is often less noticeable than you think. Try to work with your mistakes.  Make one, see if it is possible to put the same mistake, on purpose, in all your other shapes over the board.  That way, they will all still look the same.  Sometimes, it may shape your artwork in a unplanned manner, and make it actually better, or different, than you may have intended, but is often actually a positive change. One that would have never been able to sprout from your brain, so you may surprise yourself.  Also, always remember two things. First, your working traditional. It's not supposed to be prefect like a computerized mandala may be. That's the charm of traditional work. The second is the Amish.  They will often put in one mistake or imperfection in their work. Because they consider only God is perfect.   

17. When you prep your board with your compass and ruler, do not forget that being slightly off in the centre, may actually cause a quite wide gap at the outside.  A hair length in the middle may cause a half an inch difference at the outside of your circle, so always take your time and measure carefully. 

18. Don't skip over prepping (like get somebody else to lay down the pencil version of your circle) for it's really important you learn how your prep work influences the success of your mandala.  Be responsible for the whole thing from start to finish, and you'll feel even more proud of your accomplishment.  Also, you will learn how, with your prep work, you influence the shape of the whole circle.  Wide spaces, or tiny spaces between circles?  Think about it.

19.  In the end, you're ever only as good as your last circle. While at the same time..

20.  Don't worry too much about the outcome of your work.  What matters most is the actual making of it.  The time you spend, and your intention. It's nice to finish a mandala, and have it look good.  And get comments or thumbs ups or compliments about your work.  But in the end, it matters not.  Ever seen the monks make sand mandalas?  They spend days, if not weeks, meticulously putting down sand in the most beautiful intricate shapes.  After they finish, they look at it, stand around it, and with ceremony, swipe their hands through their just finished work.  Scooping up all the coloured sand, mixing it together until it loses their shapes, their colour and their shine.  And.. the result is gone, for it no longer matters. That is a mandala.

How does one find a particular artist on dA 

5 deviants said How do I find out?
4 deviants said Does he have an account on dA?
No deviants said I saw Rob Wareing on youtube. (portraits, superb! check out the beer drinker!)
No deviants said If I browse art it doesn't come up with user names..


Artist | Traditional Art
Avatar: my wheaten terrier, Molly. She just seems to come along wherever website I go. :) Check out both my dogs here on an old youtube account…

Personal Bio:
My name is Louise, and I am still a relatively new artist. I was born in The Netherlands, lived in France for 10 years, backpacked through India, Sri Lanka, and trekked in Nepal. I arrived in Canada 12 years ago, and am married to a Canadian, who often advises me on my artwork, gives me new ideas, and is really my very best critic.
We both love bird photography. We're blessed with the most beautiful birds in our backyard and close surroundings, so a camera in hand comes naturally.

Artistic Bio:
I've been posting on DA regularly for the past 2 years; photographs and traditional art. I received 4 DD's (Daily Deviations) for both categories, one of which is a depression awareness poster. Over the years I participated in the Ottawa Art s-in-the-Parc Show, sold some of my works there as well as in our local Christmas fairs. One of my earliest and prettiest works is even adorning a big dental office in town. I am feeling incredibly happy to have touched some people with my artwork, enough for them to want to look at it every day. It's a special feeling, knowing your original artwork is hanging on a wall somewhere in different places.. in Holland, Canada and the US. Inquiries for purchasing any of my original works are always welcome.

Two years ago, I started with acrylic paint out of pure curiosity as to the feel of it. I worked on canvasses with paint, white, silver and gold pigment ink. Then I discovered foamboard and artboard. And I went from paint to Sharpies, on to Copic-, Touch-, Pro- and Prismacolor- markers and finally moved over to Bristol (vellum) and drawing paper, and Faber-Castell Polychromos colour pencils.

Artistic vision:
I most love working tedious and intricate designs. So it wasn't long before I discovered mandala's (circles) Working on one shuts out the world, my mind goes blank, and at the same time, I become extremely alert. Drawing them is a kind of meditation, or I rather call it personal training. Sometimes, what looks like a mistake was done on purpose, and other times, a true mistake does happen and offers opportunities that I hadn't counted on but accept happily, since it ends up making the piece different and more interesting. I try to never, ever waste a sheet of paper. Mistakes or not, I will finish my circle. However, I don't post everything I make ;)
Suffering depression and anxiety, I found working with art can be a wonderful outlet.
Current addition:
Over the years I've posted so many deviations, that currently I'm in the slow process of cleaning my page and reducing my gallery to a more manageable quantity.

:iconhonoredddplz::iconhonoredddplz2: :iconhonoredddplz::iconhonoredddplz2: :iconhonoredddplz::iconhonoredddplz2: :iconhonoredddplz::iconhonoredddplz2:

Gifts from my friends

Floral Card by elero by :iconelero:
:thumb193425266: by :iconartbycher:
I :heart: Llamas by elero by :iconelero:


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karencreftor Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the watch and +fav ! Love 
piethein21 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey hey
Ik zag net je mandala. Echt supervet ^^
Toen bedacht ik me dat het misschien gaaf is om samen een werk te maken.
Ik kan iets maken dat in een bubble past wat ik dan rotatie symetrisch kopien van kan maken en dan kan jij met je mandala skillz ertussen allerlei gave dingen doen (dien je het wel uit te printen...).

Aardig idee?
Lou-in-Canada Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015   Traditional Artist
Ha die piethein! Dank je wel!  Ja, dat is een aardig idee, inderdaad. Dank dat je aan me dacht! Ik heb hier even over moeten denken, daarom niet meteen geantwoord.  Maar ik moet deze keer jammergenoeg verstek laten gaan.  Ik ben hard aan t werk voor possible expo, er hangt or hangen binnenkort 1 of 2 werken in ons local Theatre.  Daarbij heb ik ook iets gaande voor een trouwcadeau, waar ik nog aan moet beginnen. Dus gewoon, geen tijd om ook nog iets anders leuks tussendoor te doen.  Hopelijk komt daar in de herfst verandering in, en kunnen we dan iets samen doen?  Ik vindt het een leuk idee! :)
piethein21 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Geen probleem dat het nu niet uit komt, maar later nog wel kan.
In de Herfst is goed :) moet ik het alleen niet vergeten xD
jiajenn Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015  Professional Photographer
Used your stock here…
jiajenn Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015  Professional Photographer
Used your red bird here…
Brin-Chan Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Lou, are you the one I have to thank for the month of Premium Membership I just received? If so, thank you so much! :hug: :heart:
Lou-in-Canada Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015   Traditional Artist
hahaha. You found me.. LOL.  Yes, the Christmas card project.  Enjoy, my dear  :icongrin--plz:
Brin-Chan Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
thank you! :hug:
0wikusiak Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015
Your photos is great! ; )
Your artwork is amazing! ;D
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